Why is behavioral design so important?
Ever since the first COVID lockdown in 2019, more and more people have started to do their regular shopping online. As everyone started avoiding...

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Behavioral design is in charge of understanding how people think and make decisions. It is a sub-category of design that acknowledges that artifacts significantly influence our behavior and behavioral decisions.
We are certified in Behavioral Design and capable of helping you improve your UX/UI. With a better understanding of human psychology, you can have better insight into human behavior and ideas on where to look for solutions when needed.

What does behavioral design do for your business?

By combining psychology, technology, design, and creative methods to find why people do what they do, we can figure out how to predict and change their behavior. The essential belief of behavioral design is that humans do not have rational decision-making skills.
The principles that behavioral researchers are discovering can be applied to user experience and marketing strategies. By doing so, you can drastically improve your marketing conversion rates.

User Interface (UI) vs. User Experience (UX)

In simplest terms, UI is the series of pages, screens, and visual elements, such as icons and buttons, that help users interact with your service or product. UX is the internal experience your users have while interacting with your company’s services or products.
User Interface is anything a user can interact with in order to use your product or service. This can include anything from touch screens, sounds, keyboards, lights, etc. In other words, UI refers to the aesthetic part of your service or product that allows users to interact with it. With that said, you should keep in mind that User Experience evolves as a result of the User Interface improvements and can greatly impact how users feel about your service or product.
Many people think that UI comes before UX, which does make sense from an outsider’s point of view. However, it is actually the opposite. The correct order in which the design is done is first UX, then UI. When you consider that UI is tangible while UX is intangible, you can better understand the relationship between these two concepts.


Behavioral Design leverages the science of what drives human behavior and is one of the most important things for development.

Having an experienced partner is an advantage for every project, and in GG HIVE you can find exactly that since we are certified by Irrational Labs – an expert in behavioral science.

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