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Taking your brand from traditional brick & mortar store to an innovative online webshop, expanding your current one, or just extending your services – we can do it all.

GG HIVE is specialized in developing custom B2C, B2B, and C2C platforms.


GG HIVE can help you create, improve and expand your E-commerce software offering services.


Creating E-Commerce Platform

The well-developed
E-commerce platform will help you reach a wider audience with lower operational costs, and that’s why you need a good partner. GG Hive is the right company for you.


Improving Your Existing Platform

Do you have security issues that may put consumer information at risk? Or do you just want to redesign and improve your E-commerce platform?
We are here to fix and improve it for you.


NEW! SNAP EBT Online Payment System Integration

Everyone should be able to buy food online.
That’s why we are proud to say: “We are specialized in integrating the SNAP EBT Online payment system.”

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We like challenges

GG HIVE E-commerce

Selling products and services online exploded in the last few years, especially after recent global events. Having a platform for online selling products became one of the most important things and for some, the only way of continuing their business. It is pretty obvious how much income a webshop can bring so why don’t we create it together?

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