Vesna Tertei Rudinski

Chief Technology Officer

Vesna Tertei Rudinski



Vesna Tertei Rudinski is a Technology Project Manager and the CTO of GG HIVE LLC focused on development processes including requirement analysis, software design, and testing strategies.

Skilled in business software development, traditional project management & waterfall development, hybrid project management, as well as agile methodologies. Have the ability and determination to work effectively, solve problems creatively, and keep up with changing demands.

Prior to co-founding GG HIVE LLC, she gained experience in software development, making challenging requirements easier to understand and communicating technical information to a non-technical audience before moving to the project manager role to plan, schedule, and execute all stages of software development.

She was educated in Europe and studied management in logistics. Later she moved to the USA and earned a Certificate in Technology Project Management from UC Berkeley California Boot Camp expanding her skills and building her professional network. She is a certified Scrum Master (PSM), Product Owner (PSPO) as well as Behavioral Designer for Health. She currently resides in San Francisco, California.

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