About us


GG HIVE is an experienced and reliable Custom Product & Software Development Company based in San Francisco, California.

We provide high-end software development services to our customers ranging from startups to multinational companies.

Our leadership

Nikola Cvetkovic


Vesna Tertei Rudinski


Srdan Tertei


Six steps to success

GG HIVE process

We created the GG HIVE process as our unique step-by-step strategy.

We apply Agile methodology that results in a shortened time to market.
It is the preferred development method for teams who need to deliver on time, before competitors.
As a result, agile reduces technical debt, improves customer satisfaction, and provides a higher quality product.


Define scope, budget and timeline

After our first conversation, we dive deeper into project assessment and understanding of the project requirements and priorities.


Assemble agile team

Our talented and experienced team of engineers will start the implementation & development of the approved architecture.


Create Product Backlog

At this stage, our experienced Project Manager will put together a backlog for your project that you will approve.


2-3 week agile sprints

Agile methodology is accepted as a golden rule in Silicon Valley Software development. 2-3 week sprints will ensure that we prevent Scope creep and stay on course.


Product backlog Refinement with Client

After each sprint, we will review previous achievements and make necessary adjustments based on your feedback.


Implementation and maintenance

After implementation, you can see your idea coming to life.
We will keep an eye on the product and make sure that everything works as intended.