Benjamin’s Pharmacy & Surgical e-commerce: Bridging gaps — changing lives
As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the world into lockdowns and restrictions, it became evident that an online presence for businesses was no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our client has realized the profound impact of not having one during these times.

Investing in e-commerce was a natural response to the changing needs of the society, especially the economically vulnerable WIC beneficiaries. These are often mothers with children who face challenges in accessing essential products like baby formula, diapers, supplements, and more. The conventional ordering over the phone strained both customers and the Benjamin Pharmacy team.

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How GG HIVE made Benjamin’s vision a reality

Benjamin took on an opportunity to expand their market reach and positively impact the community by partnering with GG HIVE. Serving the WIC recipients during pandemic was challenging, so the idea of an online platform emerged to serve them better. Unfortunately, there were no options available for online WIC payments. This presented a significant hurdle, and Benjamin sought our expertise to find a solution.

We developed a website based on his idea, which has become a powerful tool for WIC recipients. Liberated from the constraints of phone orders, they can now seamlessly browse, select, and order products online, all with the added convenience of doorstep delivery.

Our partnership with Cardknox facilitated secure and seamless payment transactions, but the journey continues. The next milestone involves the implementation of EBT payments, pending approval from the USDA.

GG HIVE made Benjamin’s e-commerce stand out for its dedication to catering to diverse needs. We incorporated three unique features that deserve attention:

  1. WIC- user servicing: Benjamin extended its delivery services to the areas where its reach could benefit WIC recipients, substantially impacting their accessibility to essential products. It’s worth noting that about two in five babies born in the US benefit from WIC, which indicates the potential influence of this project on a national scale in the future.
  2. Split-payment option: Introducing the split-payment feature enhances flexibility for customers. This innovative approach ensures that customers can divide their payments, making purchases more manageable and accommodating a broader customer base.
  3. Split-shipping option: Not every e-commerce platform offers split-shipping, a unique feature that unlocks various delivery options. This maximizes business profitability and provides customers with a novel and more personalized delivery experience.

What was happening “behind the scenes”?

Our team laid a strong foundation for development by creating distinct wireframes for the platform and the website. Each wireframe comprises more than 30 screens. Afterward, we finalized the UI mockups and developed a customized software system with comprehensive commercial and user interaction capabilities at its core. We integrated all the essential elements, including:

  • The main online shop
  • Client and admin e-commerce tools
  • An order management system
  • Payment solution

By including real-time tracking of orders, product updates, and order history, we enabled Benjamin’s team to generate valuable reports and statistics. Lastly, we ensured that the employees and customers had separate interfaces with unique functionality and monitoring features.

Do you want to follow Benjamin’s lead, increase sales, and expand the market while positively impacting your community? Our proven strategies and expertise ensure a smooth shift to digital platforms, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Schedule your free consultation HERE!

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