Why fresh food options should be available to everyone

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Why fresh food options should be available to everyone

The ability to go grocery shopping online has been the preferred option of many busy households.  For a long time, SNAP-benefit households could not enjoy online shopping privileges with their  SNAP EBT cards. But, luckily that quickly changed after the first COVID lockdown.

gg hive fresh food

The importance of integrating online SNAP purchases

Even if we disregard the dangers of COVID today, what many of us tend to forget, is that not  everyone has a grocery store within walking distance. Keep in mind that a lot of SNAP households  live in deserted areas, where the options to buy healthy groceries are sparse. Other households  might just be unable to physically shop due to a disability or a transportation barrier. Considering that COVID presents a real threat to those who already suffer from certain  illnesses/conditions, forcing those individuals to go grocery shopping at a physical store can be  quite dangerous. This can all be solved by adding online SNAP purchasing options.

Practicing social distancing

Most physical grocery stores tend to be relatively small; thus, keeping a 1m distance from everyone  in the store is nearly impossible. This means that practicing safe social distancing is not always a  valid option when going to a local grocery store. 

By being able to use SNAP benefits online, individuals can practice safe social distancing and thus  keep themselves safe. 

Quarantined purchases 

Many of us tend to forget about the risk of being quarantined. If you get SNAP benefits and you have  to be quarantined due to COVID, being able to make grocery purchases online can be a lifesaver.  This is often overlooked as one of the most important reasons why SNAP purchases should be  available in all online grocery stores. 

Benefits of fresh produce

Many of us have purchased frozen produce at least once in our life. Frozen produce tends to last a  lot longer, making preparation easier. However, that is not the healthiest option on the market, and  although it is a good option to have from time to time, we should all have access to fresh produce as  well. 

Healthy and fresh food options should be available to non-SNAP and SNAP-eligible households. In  simple words, everyone should be given the opportunity to choose whether to purchase fresh  produce or stick to frozen options.


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