Pandemic and its effect on online shopping

pandemic and shopping

Pandemic and its effect on online shopping

As the world is going through waves of COVID, there has been a dramatic shift from in-person to online shopping. Today, consumers rely on the digital world more than ever, while businesses are forced to quickly adapt to new strategies that provide online shopping options. By the second quarter of 2020, everything has drastically changed. A lot of the lockdowns were lifted, as restaurants, gyms, and movie theaters largely reopened. Those who were able to convert their business to the digital world have found a way to keep themselves open, while many in-person businesses are facing shortages in staffing.

The retail and eCommerce businesses have completely shifted from the pre-COVID era, as the pandemic had a major impact on online shopping of all kinds.

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More online shopping options

Around 20 – 30% of businesses have moved their stores online during the peak of the pandemic. Due to consumers’ drastic switch to online shopping, online retailers have expanded their product categories. Even fitness products and home goods have seen an increase in sales. So the question here is, will these trends become the “new normal”? The answer to that is, most likely. Online shopping makes everyone’s lives easier; not only are you able to shop from the comfort of your own home, but you are also able to practice social distancing and keep yourself safe.

With that said, this mostly applies to grocery eCommerce growth, which is expected to continue to grow, while fitness and home goods spending is bound to cool down eventually.


Online shopping has become available for SNAP households

As online shopping became such a big deal in our lives, it was only natural that sooner or later, it would also become available for SNAP households.

Today, SNAP purchases are available in many online stores through payment with the EBT card. Of course, they are only suitable for SNAP-eligible foods and items.

Selling SNAP-eligible Foods Online has many advantages but the only issue that SNAP online shopping faces is that paying for delivery fees is still not available through EBT cards. But, a lot of online grocery stores offer free shipping for a certain number of items, and they also allow their customers to switch from SNAP EBT card payments to other forms of payments. This makes it possible to purchase SNAP-eligible foods and items online and have them safely delivered to your doorstep.


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