Top 6 things that a modern mobile app must have
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Ever since the first COVID lockdown in 2019, more and more people have started to do their regular shopping online. As everyone started avoiding...

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Top 6 things that a modern mobile app must have

1. Interplatform Availability

People are not going to change their devices just to be able to use your app. Not to mention that the market is already separated between Android and iOS fans; thus, it is better to have interplatform availability.

2. Responsive design

Designing an app for Android or iOS devices is not good enough for modern users. Screen size plays a big role in all of this because some Smartphones are almost the same size as a tablet. To provide customers with the best experience, you need to keep the size in mind when designing your app.

gg hive mobile development blog
3. How-to options

With so many different apps and features on the market today, knowing how every single one of them functions can often be tricky. Providing your users with good How-to pages can be helpful and time-saving.

4. Offline functionality

The possibility of making your app function offline will depend on what your app is designed for. But having an option for offline functionality can be a game-changer.

5. Feedback channel

It would help if you created a place where users can freely voice their opinion on your app. This can help you learn more about what the users think about your app and draw more consumers towards your app.

6. Different search features

If you have a question, would you rather pick a book and manually search through the pages one by one, or would you prefer to do a Google search? Exactly! You should not expect your users to want to scroll through multiple random pages just to find the answer they are searching for.
Creating the perfect app is not impossible, but it will require prior knowledge and experience. So, if you have a project on your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to be competitive on the market because we will deliver your app even better than you imagined it.

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