Farmers’ markets online selling is the future

farmers markets and gghive

Farmers’ markets online selling is the future

Research has shown that households with SNAP benefits tend to shop online more than non-SNAP households. Considering that over 43 million individuals receive SNAP benefits, you can easily increase your online customer base. All you have to do is extend your eCommerce to more of your customers by making your store eligible for SNAP purchases. 

farmers markets and gghive


Why is SNAP EBT a good investment? 

Not only has the funding for SNAP EBT programs increased, but the number of registrants also increased. Since the pandemic began, more and more households have started to utilize the benefits of online shopping; and a lot of these households receive benefits under SNAP. This is why in 2019, the USDA decided to start a pilot program to incorporate the use of SNAP EBT  cards online slowly. By 2020, we saw a rapid increase in participating states. By allowing SNAP online purchasing, you are not only keeping people safe by following the social distancing protocol, but you are also expanding your business to a broader customer base. SNAP  households amount for around 10% of the food and beverage spending, not to mention that SNAP  households are a lot more likely to shop online anyway. 

Serving a more extensive customer base

Over 43 million low-income individuals have registered for SNAP benefits, around $85B was spent on the SNAP program, and there is an increase in government spending of around 35%. This means that by adding online SNAP benefits, you are serving a large and valuable customer base.

Safe and accessible experience 

It is no secret that during COVID times, it is much safer to follow the social distancing rules.  However, that is not always possible when you have to go through aisles and aisles to shop for daily necessities. By integrating online SNAP purchases into your website and enabling contact-free curbside pickups and delivery, you are keeping your customers and workers safe. Online shopping has existed for a long while, and it has become increasingly popular since 2019,  after the first wave of COVID. People have gotten used to online shopping, as that allows them to shop from the comfort of their own homes. Thus, by providing both regular and SNAP online shopping options, you are essentially expanding your customer base to a broader audience. 


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